Tips on Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD)

Im now going to tell about Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.This disorder is usually seen in children. Children fails to be attentive in the school . i.e this type of children will note lot of things in the class but cant able to concentrate on one task or work. About 50% of children affected by this disorder have a intense learning disability. These children will face problems with reading and writing.

How to identify the symptoms of ADHD?

In a busy schedule day to day life its very difficult to take care of all the things. But as parents you need to have a close watch of your child. Just note the following these symptoms of ADHD.

  1. Prime most symptoms of ADHD is your child will not have the ability to pay attention to any subject in depth. You can easily while writing your child might miss some words or be careless on other activities.
  2. He might feel very difficult to concentrate on one particular task for a long period of time. This results the child to disobey any instructions or task given to your child.
  3. Completely forget his daily routine, even small things  like pencil, paper ,books etc.
  4. He cannot sit in one place for a long time affected child mind used to wander a lot. Child will be restless.
  5. He will talk more and the work will be very less
  6. Complete impatience.

Its really a difficult task to bringing up children who have this disorder but you should note and remember this type of disorder cannot be cured but can be handled in a years of time sometimes it can totally go away from the child.

Treatment for ADHD

As I said previously this ADHD cannot be cured but it can be handled well  you need to consult your child’s doctor to advice you with a perfect treatment plan for the long run. Some of the basic ideas of handling this disorder are.

  1. Just try to create a daily schedule for your child, make your child eat always on a time, sleep always on a time and do the activities all on Particular time. I know its difficult but you need to adopt these strict and good policies to make your child come out of this disorder.
  2. Just switch of your television or other distractions even some child might be interested to play games on a Pc. Just help the child to do the task effectively and efficiently.
  3. Reduce the options, which you are giving to your child. If you go to a shop want to buy something to have for your kid. Just ask only two options for ex. Just ask your kid a Ice-cream or chocolate don’t give your child more options this helps to keep your child away from that disorder.
  4. Use short commands to make your child do a particular task. For ex( if you want your child to take a glass of water , Say  take water and come instead of go to the table and take me a glass of water.

I know its difficult to follow these with your child, if you follow these things slowly through gods grace your child might come out of this disorder easily.