About Architecture

Architecture has developed and has a strong foot hold in the construction industry. If you want to know about architecture in simple terms you can say as a strategy or method to build a building, without proper architecture you cannot get a building into a good shape. A good architectural design will be very systematic and have the following basic amenities of proper ventilation, heating and air conditioning on a building. An architect is a person who knows these things and he/she should pre plan the architecture of the building.

Architectural Rendering

It’s a process of doing a presentation for the client in order to get the approval of the client. Architectural rendering helps the client to visualize the proposed design and it will be easy for the client to approve and change the plan. Now after the invention of software, its been a easy task for architect to show these designs and get approved in no time, previously they were using sketches to show the 2 dimensional data of each room, now the Architectural design software helps  the client to visualize each room in 3 dimension.

Popular Software’s for Architectural Design

CAD is a popularly known software, with the invention of CAD (Computer Aided Design) it has created a new innovation on architectural rendering. Through cad you can view your plan exactly as it has been done, you can see your rooms inner design and you will get a complete picture of the design in your mind. But there was a small drawback in CAD  previously it can only show you 2 dimensional drawings, Now CAD has upgraded and it has the facility of 3d architectural renderings. There is another software for 3d architectural rendering  this  popular software called 3d max, it’s a complete 3d modeling software which enables you to view your plan with a 3dimensional effect and it has more features and it gives more reality to the architectural design.
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