Meaning of autism?

Autism can be called as a disability, it occurs when there is a problem in the central nervous system. Dont think autism as a mental disorder,actually it is not an mental disorder.People normally think that this  is related to mental disorder. An individual affected by autism can clearly communicate and interact with other people. Autism is only a Mental deficiency.

Possible symptoms of autism

Number of symptoms can be found and there is certainly going to be a change in behavioural patterns. For ex if you take a 1 year old child with autism may not respond when you call the baby name. Another symptom is that the person affected by autism, will not know he or she is thirsty  They speak very slowly and they will respond very slowly and importantly  person have autism will fear they are touched by another human being.

Causes related to autism

Research says that the origin of autism is due to the abnormal blood vessels functioning in the body causes ineffectual oxidation throughout the nervous system could cause autism other than that there is no ultimate cause for autism. Various school of thought  research the causes of autism. Genetics is one of the possible cause for autism. Combination of genetics  from previous generation  has come to create an impact on central nervous system. The random result of combined family DNA. Till now there is no evidence for autism. The theory is a child who is exposed to large amounts of electronic media can develop autism in later stages of his/her life.

Autism Treatment

There are different types of therapies used for autism, which will vary depending on the symptoms.  There is either a medicine now or before to cure autism effects or there is a particular type of therapy that would be considered as a proper channel treatment for autism. But  there are some medications available for curing certain type of autism symptoms. Autism is something which has to be managed and controlled. There are various forms of therapy will change the behavior of the individual affected by autism but complete cure cannot be guarantee. Through continuously using positive attitude and feedback helps the affected individual to do atleast these kind of works like washing their clothes, Switch off and on the light or electrical appliances , going for a walk and could understand things.

Finally we should pray and hope for the best for those affected by autism, we soon hope there will be a proper medication for autism which  can correct the issues of central nervous system.