What is Bluetooth and what are its benefits to a Home or Office?

In today ‘s scenario invention of bluetooth helps a lot in reducing a huge amount of wires in the offices, home.Blue tooth is a wireless radio technology which permits other devices to communicate and connect with each other. Now blue tooth has developed and the latest versions are capable to connect even more than 110 feet. Distance.

What is special with Bluetooth ?

  • Because this is a wireless technology it eradicates lot of wires around the pc
  • The cost of implementing a blue tooth in your office or home is very cheap
  • Flexibility of working with various type of devices in an single platform
  • Interference will be very low in this technology with the help of less power wireless signals
  • It consumes less power compared to other technological devices
  • Through bluetooth you can distribute voice and data . Example is a blue tooth enabled mobile phone
  • In a single room max of 7 blue tooth devices can be connected with each other
  • All blue tooth devices can be upgraded without any hassles.
  • Big advantage of bluetooth is it is a wireless standard and lots and lots of bluetooth enabled devices will come in the future

Latest version of Bluetooth

Latest versions have a higher capability than the lower 1.1 version new versions of bluetooth will be three times lightning speed with higher data rates upto three mbps,consumes lower power and has a broadcast support. Bitrate will be further increased and it will have a distributed access control protocols.