Business process movement definition

An approach which is systematic to improve any company or organization, and in turn it reflects changes that are clearly outstanding in the way of doing business. When a business is managed and the process is comparatively the same business process improvement plays an important role.

Business Process Improvement steps

Step 1 – Appointing process of skilled leader and teams

Setting up of teams is necessary and a leader to manage each team comprising a minimum of 2-4 employees from various departments who are involved with the same particular process. Each team selects a leader, who is called as a process team leader. He / she  is responsible for guiding and running the process successful.

Step 2 -Training on Process analysis

Selected Team leaders of each team are trained in the areas of documentation techniques and process analysis.

Step 3 – Interview on Process analysis.

The member of the teams conducts interviews with the colleagues working along the process. They gather info about the process structure and also the process performance data.

Step 4 – Process documentation

After the interviews are over the results are used to draw the first process structure map. They review previously existing process descriptions and integrate it. Process improvements that are talked during the interview are integrated into the process structure map.

Step 5 – Reviewing process

The documentation will be reviewed by the employees of various teams who are involved with the process in addition to that review cycles also needed in order to accomplish a common vision of the process with all the employees.

Step 6- Problem analysis

Analysis is a must. Proper analysis made of the problems faced during the process with the help of a process map. In this stage, the strategy audit is also available this helps in taking immediate measures on process improvement.

These are the six steps of Business Process Improvement

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