Cancer Treatment Info

Alternative cancer treatments will not cure the disease cancer, it will helps cancer patients to manage with symptoms and signs, which are causes by cancer and its treatments. Alternative Cancer treatments are a supplement, which is not a substitute for cancer treatments.

Alternative cancer Treatment:

There are various choices available for alternative cancer treatment, some of the alternative cancer treatments are,

  • Acupuncture – In acupuncture treatment, small needles are inserts at exact point in to the skin of cancer patients by a medical practitioner. It may help to reduce nausea, which is caused by the chemotherapy. It also helps to reduce the pain of cancer patient. If you performed this acupuncture treatment by a registered practitioner with sterilized needle, it will be safe. At first, you have to consult your doctor for this treatment.
  • Aromatherapy – It uses oils to gives the ataractic sensation with fragrant. Oils with lavender fragrant can apply to the skin at the time of massage or this oil can also be includes to the water for bath. It is helpful to reduce pain, nausea and stress. You can perform this alternative cancer treatment by yourself or a practitioner can also perform this treatment. It is safe, but it may cause some allergic reaction to the skin.
  • Exercise – It helps you to manage the symptoms and signs, which appear at the time of cancer treatment or after the treatment. Walking and swimming are some of the exercise, which reduce stress and fatigue or it helps for good sleeping.
  • Biofeedback – Biofeedback treatment controls several functions in your body by the mind such as blood flow and heart rate. An electronic device, which is used by biofeedback therapist to check the body functions like heart rate or tension of muscle. Flashing light or beeping sound, which symbolize the heart rate is reducing or the muscle becomes get relaxed. It may reduce pain by cancer.

At first, one must consult the doctor, and make sure about which alternative cancer treatment is suitable for their cancer.