History of cricket

If you look at the history of cricket, the beginning of cricket was very formless and a lot of theories have been set frontward illustrative in the beginning. Also there was extensive research took place along with studies on the way to map out its history.Yet it is generally accepted that the game started from a very old entertainment progress indulged through shepherds. The shepherds with he help of offender and other equipments in the shape of bat to hit a ball like which is produced of leather substance or like stones.

The first proof of cricket:

A first proof of cricket game being played was recorded in the year 1550, with the pupils of Royal Grammar School at Guildford. During the year 1611 it is reported with the intention of two young men from Sussex be punished for playing cricket in its place of going to the church. An original match is recorded that have been played at Coxheath at the home of Kent in the year 1646.

Cricket have been used as betting game:

In olden days cricket were used to flourish deeply as a betting game. A more people used to put a large sums of money into the game and as a result the game started to get acknowledgment. Cricket was the main betting sport at the dawn of the 17th century. History shows in the year 1679 and during the 18th century, cricket stood and thrived due to the large involvement of money . An original illustration of a match to be played among county team in England is recorded on the 29th June in a year 1709. The recorded match was played between Surrey and Kent team at the place of Dart ford Brent.

Types of cricket players:

An 18th century as well witnessed the appearance of two types of cricket players. They are identified as the retained player and the individual players. Commonly the retained player be the servant of the lord and as well as cricketer. On the other side the individual player be liberated to play anywhere through his skills. Generally it was something like the player might play wherever with the amount of talent he acquired.

Development of cricket:

During the year 1787, Marylebone cricket club (MCC) was formed. An MCC has become one of most prominent organization in world cricket. In early days cricket be limited to the upper class of England. Then cricket slowly become the national game of England. Then after 18th century is a very critical time for the development of the sport. The game was widen faraway moreover cricket become more wide due to England’s imperialism. Wherever England went the cricket was developed in that country. Then the first authorized match was between Canada and USA at year 1844. Then at the current period, it has its own following of devoted fans. Then the ICC was created on 15th June at year of 1909. All laws involving to ODIs and test cricket are enclosed and executed by the ICC.