What is dizziness?

It is a sensation of ourselves feel like that we are spinning around, you will feel that you will fall down to the ground but dizziness are not serious if we could able to find out the correct reason of it. It may be due to a bad fatigue, over Exhausting of your energy. It can also be termed as lightheadedness.

Major causes of dizziness?

The prime most cause of dizziness is when the blood stops entering into the brain, dizziness will come very quickly. Dizziness can also happen when there is a sudden drop in blood pressure . Old age people will experience dizziness a lot of times even when they want to getup from a chair they will feel lightheadedness.Dizziness can be very serious when the heart pumps very faster, it can take people to heart attack due to abnormal heartbeats.

Sudden shock of incidents sometimes drop down the blood pressure due to that also dizziness may occur.Generally speaking the causes of vertigo are benign positional vertigo and labyrinthitis. The vertigo happens when you change the position of your head.Labyrinthitis typicall is like a cold or flu(fever) and is caused by a viral infection inside the inner ear.

Additional symptoms of Dizziness

Sometimes you might get additional symptoms like getting a stroke, chest pain and a feeling of heart racing, speech life and change in vision etc.

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