What is Embedded Systems?

The embedded systems are the special purpose components of the modern portable devices that have multi level functions along with real time computing functions. This embedded system technique is a special application program that combines the particularly designed software with the hardware of the computer. The combined software and the hardware are completely encapsulated by the devices and are under control.

Languages used in the embedded systems:

The embedded systems make use of various kinds of language for its application. Some of the languages used by the embedded systems are as follows.

  • C programming
  • Assembly language
  • Mixed C and Assembly programming
  • Input and output programming
  • Serial and parallel input and output
  • Super loop architecture
  • Protected mode and real mode
  • Boot loaders and boot sectors
  • Terminate and resident

These are the some of the programming languages that are used in the embedded systems.

Embedded system field applications:

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Application types of embedded systems:

The embedded system software makes use of two mains applications. They are the debugging and the reliability. Among this the debugging plays a vital role in the applications of the embedded system software. This debugging application is done at various stages depending upon the available facilities.