Importance of Eye Vision

Eye is a very important organ of the body vision brings humans to view all the wonderful things in this universe, it is very important to protect your eyes and make it stronger. As our body needs exercise to function smoothly without any hazards likewise you need to take care of your eyes . Proper exercise of your eyes , increase the vision power of your eyes and helps you to view without  any Power eye glasses which will sometimes hamper your image.

Need for eye exercises

All the doctors will say at least 15 minutes of exercise will save you from lot of stress and difficulty helps your body function smoothly. Likewise you need to allot some time to strengthen your eye muscles. Exercising for your eyes is very must for people doing writing jobs, working long time on computers, software professionals, people who do online stock trading needs a compulsory eye exercise to improve the efficiency of the eye and to sustain a good vision without any power glasses.

Warming up the eye muscles

As when you do exercise, when you are at gym, don’t forget to warm up your eye muscles, its simple and easy, some of the exercises Im going to tell you now will be really handy.  To warm up your eye muscles just close your eyes, just rotate your eyes clockwise and anti clock wise, do it for 10 repetitions on both directions you can also increase up to 25 repetitions.

Then open your eyes and put your hands straight and lift your index finger or thumb finger, try to concentrate on the tip of your nail make sure you don’t get distracted by other things, do this exercise on a closed room with less or no interference.

After focusing on the tip of your nail just slowly move the hand towards left, just follow the focus slowly move your hands and your focus on the nail. And then come back to the straight position and then move the hand to the right, if you are doing it for the first time, just make sure you don’t do more than 5 repetitions.

Just give a gap and then start the final exercise, look upwards and downwards for few seconds and then close your eyes and meditate for 5 minutes.  You will see the magic of how get rid of your paining eyes and also the eye muscles will be relaxed.