About HDTV Technology

This small piece of articles explain about the HDTV technology, then author explain briefly about the introduction of HDTV, the traditional approach for selecting a TV set then he also explains about the RPTV, SDTV, EDTV. Then he explains briefly about the HDTV approaches of first white screen view, the starting of the complexity and about today’s technology and products of HDTV models, author explains about first level of complexity of HDTV, second level of complexity, third level of complexity in content protection layer of confusion, fourth level of complexity in connectivity, then he also explains about the an analogy to help Us focus, Is hi-def DVD also affected by the complexity, some light of help at the end of the tunnel. Author explains briefly about the does anyone cares if there is confusion, there is always a positive side, build from it and move on.

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