What is hyperthymestic syndrome?

Researchers found a new type of syndrome, it’s an extra ordinary condition of a human being memory condition this type of syndrome is known as Hyperthymestic syndrome and it is also called as Hyperthymesia.

This name Hyperthymestic derived from a Greek word thymesis, the meaning of the word is “remembering” and the word hyper joined together to add “more than normal.  This kind of syndrome happens to very few people where the affected individuals will spend more time on thinking about the past incidents this type of individuals have an extra ordinary memory of recollecting each and every activity happened on a day even the smaller things on a particular day in their past even before 10 years. This is also called as Autobiographical memory. There has been only one case confirmed from the university of California.

Simple Techniques to Diagnose Hyperthymestic Syndrome

If you feel you have this syndrome or your friend or relatives have this syndrome just do a small check.

Best way to find it out is by asking questions on you or to the individuals who have this syndrome.

  1. Just find out whether you can remember the events/ or the clothes you wear before 2 years this time same day. If you can do it, then you have this syndrome.
  2. Try to ask a question that whether you can able to remember almost everything which has happened before 2 years or 3 years ago. It’s really impossible to do for a person who doesn’t have this syndrome.

If you feel you have this syndrome, you don’t need to worry at all, because this is just an extra ordinary phenomenon, like you got an extra ordinary power compared to a normal human being. To reduce this phenomenon, You need to meditate strongly or focus on one particular activity and try to change the thinking process to think on the present on the current activity rather than the past incidents, if you can do this successfully in a few days of time you will be able to control your senses, mind and naturally this syndrome will have no effect on you.
This article is only for informative purposes only.