What is a iPhone?

iPhone is basically a mobile phone, which is designed for the user, to experience a great amount of entertainment and utility. IPhone brings user to experience the power of Internet on hands and good multimedia experience with high clarity output to hear music. It has iPhone has been announced by the famous company called Apple You have been heard about the popular Apple Mac systems, the CEO Mr. Steve Jobs announced iPhone.

New iPhone Features for 2008

Continuing the Hit version of Apple 1.1.4 apple has introduced new features for 2008.


Added features on Map functions, you can do lot of search interactions, you can bookmark and write up a description of each location , you can view the hybrid map of and you can easily locate your destination by pressing the locate button at the bottom of the left screen it immediately takes you the exact location without any hassles.

Added features on SMS

Latest features helps you to send sms to more than one person, what ‘s good is it will keep track of conversation of each sms you have sent and with a push of a button you can easily send it to all the recipients again.

Apple iPhone Internet features

Web clips

For each website you visit at the bottom of the screen you will see a  “ +” button, if you press it you can see the following options.

  • Add to Bookmark- You can bookmark any web page or website

  • Add to Home screen – This is a new cool feature, you can set Home screen and it will be like a icon on your screen, quickly you can go to the website next time.
  • Mail link to this page. – Easy to mail the link to your friends and family.
  • Zooming Feature is enhanced now and you can zoom and go to any part of a web page.

Home screen Preferences

This is a new feature of setting up icons on your page according to their importance. If you click any icon for few seconds, you can see all the icons are wobbling little bit, shaking icons, now you can move, drag any icons and set them where you want , you can create any number of icon pages.

Watching films

You can now watch films chapter by chapter without any hassles. You can also browse through the subtitles of each film clip.

These are the latest features of  iPhone introduced in 2008, the content is written with reference to the speech of Mr. Steve Jobs  addressed during Mac world 2008.