Information on IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is a business process having control over commercial, liable functions to support decisions and management over the IT environment. This management is classified as software asset management and hardware asset management.

Assset Management Types

Software Asset Management:

This deals with managing the software environment that manages the license and configuration of the software such as standardizing and restricting legally. Software that is used legally in an office environment deals with this management.

Hardware Asset Management:

This management mainly deals with the hardware environment that is the physical components and the networks regarding to the computer. This management helps greatly in making some profitable decisions with commercial objectives.

Role of IT Asset Management:

The basic function this management is developing and maintaining the rights, processes and standards thus ensuring management over the expense, risk and thereby generating performance over the business.

Goals of IT Asset Management:

  • Gaining funds by improving the process
  • Performance enhancement through proper management
  • Reducing risks and expenditures
  • Detection of losses
  • Supporting the analytic decisions

How IT Asset Management works:

IT Asset Management is improved through regular periodic planning. This management helps IT assisted departments, fund managers and financiers through various asset inventories.

IT Asset Management Analytics:

IT Asset Management deals with three types of analysis:

  • Financial analysis
  • Operational analysis
  • Workforce analysis

Financial Analysis:

It enables to determine the budget targets and to develop the plan for the business and to monitor the finance while running he concern. This will stimulate some functional value to the company.

Operational Analysis:

It enables to operational reports and targets which helps in decision making of the company. This report also gives a functionality planning to generate a full picture of the sales over the operation.

Workforce Analysis:

This enables the reports over the human resource management and its policy development. You can optimize the workforce depending upon the data to implement work for a better business outcome.

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