Mcat examination details

When your aim is very high, want to continue the medical career with a high note you need to write this following exam named as MCAT. MCAT means (Medical College Admission Test).  MCAT tests play an important role in your medical career. MCAT exam scores helps to make your admission process successful. MCAT exam will also help to compare you from other students from other schools objectively. These tests are usually conducted in the months of April and August.

Sections of MCAT exam

MCAT examinations consists of these following sections namely

  • Physical Sciences
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Sample Writing 1
  • Sample Writing 2
  • Biological Sciences

Right time to take MCAT Exam

The right time is possibly in the spring season of your junior year of college because summer and winter holidays will help you with more time to prepare for the examination. It’s advisable that you need to put your full effort and concentration when you attend MCAT for the first time, its always good for your career to get high scores . Admission committee will consider and rate students high if they perform well in the first time.

MCAT preparation advice

There are many website links helps you to learn more tips and strategies about MCAT exam, how to avoid errors that naturally comes when you write the examination. How the MCAT time limits stops the students in getting high scores.

Duration of MCAT Test:

As the test is become more and more popular the students who are writing the tests will be more.  Normally the duration of Computerized MCAT examination will be about 4 and half hours.

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