Basic of prostate cancer

Before going indepth to this article, I want to tell you some basic things about Prostate cancer even though some may know about what is prostate cancer I want to explain it from the scratch.

About prostate glands and where it is located

Generally speaking a Prostate gland is a male gland. Problems due to prostate may come at the old age of an adult. This Gland is located at the bottom of the bladder; it’s the one, which distributes a thin milky colored fluid that contributes the maximum part of the semen.

Prostate cancer can be called as the disease of Europe why because reports say that the most prostate cancer disease affected people are from North America and Europe. Its very rarely seen in the biggest continents like Asia or Africa.

Prostate cancer risk and Food diets for prevention

The prostate cancer started to affect only male’s after they attain old age. But this prostate cancer can be prevented, I m going to tell you some of the basic tips which you can basically adopt and eradicate this cancer before it hits you.

  • Take these following fresh vegetables daily at least for 2-3 times. Broccoli, Cabbage and cauliflower. These vegetables will prevent you from prostate cancer.
  • You don’t know the value of Tomato can do. Take Tomato, pasta products for example like sauce because it lowers the PSA levels and reduce DNA damage to prostate tissues. This information has been researched and analyzed. Tomato products help you to reduce prostate cancer risk in the long run.
  • If you are living in a Western country, just try to have the knowledge of Asian type of food because research says that Prostate cancer rates are very low in Asian countries. In Asian countries they intake a high amount of phystoestrogens.
  • Studies say that Soy and Genistein will help you to slow the progress rate of falling into prostate cancer.
  • Take as much as anti oxidants  ( For example the food that you intake must have rich Vitamin E and C Strength. Remember the vitamins and minerals are anti oxidants.
  • If you have heard about flax seed just intake flaxseed at least once in a day. I don’t have sufficient information about the amount of flaxseed you need to intake just consult a health physician

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