What is SOAP?

The abbreviation of SOAP is (Simple Object Access Protocol. This protocol is mainly used for distributing information in an environment which is completely distributed. For ex if a program runs in one operating system like windows2000 to make communication possible with the same type of program running in an different operating system like LINUX. SOAP uses http and xml to make this possible exchange of information successfully.

SOAP is based on xml contains 3 parts

  • Process Framework
  • Rules explaining about encoding application defined data types
  • Normal representation of remote procedure calls and responses

SOAP services

SOAP protocol which controls its transport layer with HTTP or SMTP and it uses xml as its data layer, to invoke remote methods in data layer these services are known as SOAP Services.

Advantages and disadvantages of SOAP

This protocol has lot of advantages first of the all-main advantage is platform independent it helps communication possible from two operating systems. The next advantage is language independent because soap is based on xml it can support any languages it can generate xml from ‘C’ and “c++ to J2EE application servers.

Xml is a extensible language which can run in any operating system this protocol uses xml to pass information and receive information. It uses a standard http protocol, which enables to cross over the barriers of firewall protection. Compared to other like DCOM and cobra this SOAP is very simple because it works with the important viewpoints of remote object system. SOAP can be used with other protocols and it is neutral to any vendor applications, these are some of the advantages of SOAP now we will discuss about the disadvantages of this protocol. When you read the SOAP specification you can find out that there is no security facilities. SOAP works with objects that are sequential to plain text due to that distributed garbage of the SOAP has less meaning. SOAP does nt have any concrete references to remote objects. These are the advantages and disadvantages of this protocol SOAP.

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