What is the concept of teleseminar?

Teleseminar is conducted for a certain period of time with a maximum number of participants at a particular time frame. It is usually conducted over a conference telephone call. Most of the big company who have their branches all over the country/world adopt teleseminar to communicate their latest product developments, training of their products /services to their employees.  Teleseminar can also be used for other things.

Ways to conduct a successful teleseminar?

As the competition increases day by day , company ‘s are trying outplay the competition in many ways, importantly communication is one of the key areas . The tool for better coverage of communication is teleseminar, Teleseminar helps you to increase your sales, train your employees without any time delay. Teleseminar helps in a better way to achieve communication to the best by keeping informed about the latest developments about the company.

Tips on how to conduct an effective teleseminar?

If you are a newbie to conduct a teleseminar just follow these tips which I hope will surely help you raise the standard of your call.

  • Write down a list of goals to be achieved in this teleconference.
  • You need to be aware of your audience education level on  the product/service for what you are going to teach.
  • If it’s a company sponsored call you don’t need to worry about the cost, but if you are taking teleseminar as a career, you need to decide upon the cost before doing a teleseminar.
  • Before talking on any subject you need to be 100% confident about the subject, You need to be prepared to answer the questions arise in the course of a teleseminar, you need to spend special time researching about what you are going to talk in teleconference.
  • You need to set a target time for your speech as well as Q & A.
  • It’s always better to record your teleseminar.
  • Conduct teleseminar on time don’t delay because it will lessen the interest of the audience. Don’t Delay.
  • When you start just give an intro about you, your background , it gives lot of creditability and trust among the audience. Don’t spend too much time maximum of 2 minutes will be ideal.
  • You need to allocate time for question and answers and its always professional to inform it before you start a speech.

I hope these basic tips can help you a great deal in delivering a successful teleseminar