Introduction to Tennis

This is an introduction to game tennis; tennis is a sports game that was started in France hundred years before. But nowadays tennis didn’t look like a olden days game, In French it is called as Jeu de paume, the meaning of the French word is that ‘game of the palm’. It is an indoor game; there are many types of games played in tennis they are men single match, men’s double match, women single match, women’s double match and mixed double’s match.

Difference between tennis balls in olden day’s and now day’s

This Para explains some differences between the tennis balls compared to olden days and the current period. In olden days the tennis balls were made up of leather, skin and hairs, in historic periods the balls were wrapped by a part of white cloth around tennis balls, the ball was hard to play on the olden days. But from the period of 1870’s the balls were made up rubbers, at the present days the ball are soft and easy to play and it is very comfortable for the player to hit the balls by the rackets.

Points to win a single game:

In tennis game you need 40 Points above to win a game. When the game starts the players have 0 points, when the player scores first point, the scores is 15, then he scores a second point, the score will be 30, till second point the score will increases by 15, but for the third point it will be increased by 10 and the score will be 40. If both the players equaled with 40 points then it will come to a stage called Deuce. Where a player has to score another 2 points continuously to win a game if not it will come back to Deuce.

Sets to win the match:

In tennis game there are three sets, to win the match a player must win 2 sets, per set he must win 6-7 games like wise a player wins 2 sets in a match against the opposite player, he will win the match and then he will be selected for the other match with another opponents team like wise a player play up to a final series by winning a opponent team.

What is Grand Slam?

Important four tournaments of tennis like French Open , U.S. Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon are called as Grand slam