What is Thermal Pollution?

Thermal pollution means changes occur in temperature of water by various human inventions. Thermal plants use water for cooling process their heat water from their plants. For this process they use the same stream or lake, it may harmful to lives in aquatic.

Causes of Thermal Pollution:

A major cause of thermal pollution is power plants use water for their cooling process. That water is turned to the lake or stream in high temperature. Raising temperature in water affects the organism in aquatic.

Sources of Thermal Pollution:

Main source of thermal pollution is thermal power plants and many industrial factories. In many thermal power plants, in order to produce electricity when burning coal, fuel, gas or natural products that produce heat, that will turns to stream from water. Water is used for their cooling process. Another source is cutting trees, trees are naturally cool the water, people cut the trees for various process such as to build roads, building.

Effects due to thermal Pollution:

Species in water can live under certain temperature. Some species can live only in cool water. Heat water from the various power plants changes the temperature of water, water living species can’t move from place to place, they will be die.

How to control thermal pollution?

Thermal pollution can easily control by avoiding direct passing of heat water in to the streams and lakes. They can discharge heat water through separate towers or ponds. Heat water from plants can be used in other process of producing energy.