Top three Must Visit Places in Berlin

Berlin is the capital and largest city of Germany. It is located in North Eastern part of Germany. It is famous for its museums, operas, art galleries etc. It is one of the best tourist attractive places in the world. It offers many attractive places like parks, rivers, lakes, forests, gardens and so on.

Top three  must visit places in Berlin:

Berlin Wall:

The Berlin Wall was separating the East Berlin and West Berlin for above 28 years that is from Aug 13, 1961 to Nov 9, 1989. During Cold War, the Berlin Wall was the symbolic boundary between Communism and Democracy. The Berlin Wall was almost covering over hundred miles at a height of 12 ft and at a width of 4 ft. The most parts of Berlin Wall were dismantled but still some parts are standing and definitely it is the best place to visit.

The Reichstag:

The Reichstag is the historical and spectacular building of Berlin and it is the meeting place of modern German Parliament. It was established on 1894 and unfortunately damaged in a fire on 1933 set by a Dutch Communist. In 1990, it was started to rebuild with attractive architectural design and was completed in 1999. It offers most fascinating images of 20th century. Especially in summer, it is best to visit during early in the morning to avoid long queues.

Checkpoint Charlie:

After the building of Berlin Wall, the Checkpoint Charlie was the only way for crossing between East Berlin and West Berlin. During Cold War, it was also a gateway for the non – Germans. Now every story, photos, etc about Berlin Wall made Checkpoint Charlie as a museum. It is the must visit place because it features different exciting items of Berlin Wall and Cold War.

Berlin city is well known for its attractive places. It offers many entertaining places, cultural attractions, natural parks etc. Among these places, the above three places are must visit places because it offers so much of enjoyment throughout the day.