Where Bamboo Grows?

Bamboo grows mostly in the orient and in warm place such as Central America and parts of South America. Bamboo is the giant of all grasses. There are many varieties that grow as tall as trees. One type grows up to 120 feet in height, with a stem of three feet in circumference. It is one of the fastest growing of all plants. One kind has been known to grow three feet in 24 hours.

The fruiting of bamboo forest in turn leads to the drying up of the bamboo groves and therefore subsequent death. Also, dry bamboo is easily susceptible to forest fires and therefore need to be chopped off. As a consequence of this, there is all the leaf litter on the forest floor, increasing the risk from fires. Actually, the seed needs to be renewed at this stage but tribe’s and cattle finishes off whatever is left of the bamboo shoots. Therefore, while the bamboo fruiting season is food in plenty, soon after that there is deprivation.
Uses of  Bamboo :

The most important use of bamboo is in making furniture and building houses. It is used as roofing material on which the thatch or tiles are placed. It is also used to make fence post, bridges, fishing poles, water pipes and parts of musical instruments. Bamboo is used in the making of mats, which are in turn used to construct the sides and roofs of bullock carts, mud and wattle construction and so on.

It was probably the wood used by the Chinese when they first made paper from wood pulp about 200 years ago. Today bamboo is used in India and Myanmar to make paper.

When the seed disappears, rodent starves for their food, and they will destroy all the other crops in the forest for their food, which affects others and there is every possible chance for food shortage.

The earliest Chinese book was written on the back of palm leaves and on flattened pieces of wood and bamboo. The palm leaf and bamboo books of the Chinese were strips fastened at one end much like and spread like a fan to be read. Thus we see the immense power of bamboo in sustaining human growth and the environment.