What is ventrilo server

Lot of users heard about this name ventrilio server popularly called as vent server. But people have never used it before. Ventrilo server is a software program, which is based on void, which enables users to chat with microphones.

Latest version Ventrilo is 2.3.0. Ventrilo is the next generation Voip software, which is built up with industry standards.  Ventrilo offers a new surround sound positioning special sound effects. Each user has the control to customize accurately how they want to hear from users or events.

Ventrilo has superior sound quality and it uses the CPU resources to a minimum level. Its user friendly for any users using it for the first time and can learn it very quickly because the common features are available directly to the users where they have to simply click the mouse once.

Connecting a ventrilo server

First and prime most step is to download ventrilo server and install it. Click here to Download Ventrilo Server. After downloading it the next step is to setup a username. This is the name you want it to be displayed when the server is connected. You need to click the push button where you can able to add your name, after pressing push button click new and type your favorite name. After setting up your username now it’s the time to set up the phonetic ( a sound which is played when a user connects to the server) for ex you can set maximum voice, awesome etc.

The third step is to connect to the server the toughest part in setting up the server. Again click the push button near the server box >> Click New in the name box put your name. After it has been done you have to input your server ip and port. You get the details from the owner of ventrilo. You may fill up the passwords or not its an optional field. Once your information is filled out Click OK. Finally just click the connect button on the Main screen your setup process is over and ventrilo server is ready to use. Hope this article is useful to you all.