VoIP Shapes New Technology Trends

New trends of VoIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol ( VOIP) created new  trends on communication over voice, after the voip invention the cost of making a phone call has become dead cheap compared to traditional ways of calling. Day by day providers for VoIP are increasing. Most of the homes in USA and Europe use voip for communication. Voip is available both for commercial and home use.

Requirements for Voip Technology

Basically Voip works through the help of internet, A person want to enjoy the VoIP technology must have an internet connection. You can save lot of money by making long distance calls at a very low price compared to traditional way of calling. Home users can take a basic plan that gives you a number of long-distance calls at a very low rate.

How Voip Process Voice calls?

Initially Voip technology processes the voice phone calls and encodes it digitally on the fly. VoIP is definitely the future technology for all voice and data communications. It’s going to be very useful to most of the people living in this world.

Positives and Negatives of Voip

Like all other technologies voip also have positives and negatives, Let us first discuss about the positives.

Positives of Voip Technology

  • Using Voip technology saves money and also it’s relatively very cheap compared to traditional phone calls.
  • All the traditional telephones are attached with wire, Even for a wireless handset there  is some limitations . But voip has no limitations and it is very much flexible, wherever you have an internet connection you can use this technology as the adapter can be taken anywhere.
  • Tax for voip is very less and the Federal tax is the only tax which is applicable for voip compared to other traditional phone providers. This is also one of the factor why it is charged low for long distance calls.
  • It is really a boon to business people who are making long distance calls very often , and those who do conference calling often between their own branches. Voip saves lots and lots of money to business owners.

Negatives of Voip Technology

As compared to the positives, there are only few negatives for voip.

  • Voip depends upon the power supply whereas the normal telephone does nt need to have power supply.  If the power is not there voip cannot work.
  • Technical problems with your internet connection will hamper you from using this technology.
  • Sometimes due to high traffic in server can create some problems, that time you cannot do any long distance calls, that are sometimes disappointing.
  • Sometimes the call satisfaction might be hampered by poor voice quality, If this happens regularly it will irritate the caller.
  • Voip is offered by many providers in Europe you need to select which one is the best. Voip services save almost 65 – 80 % of their traditional telephone bills. Use voip wisely and benefit from this technology.

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